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All information, documents, and illustrations published on this website are of a general nature and provide information on Bystronic Group companies as well as their products and services. Use of this information is permitted with the reservations that the copyright symbol appear on all copies, the information is only used for personal purposes with no commercial gain, the information is not altered in any way, and all illustrations on the website are only used in conjunction with the accompanying text.

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Personal data are only collected when you've provided them, e.g. during registration, by filling out a form, or sending an email, while ordering products or services, or inquiring about or requesting materials. The personal data you provide will only be used to provide you with your desired products or services, or for other purposes to which you have agreed, insofar as these do not violate any legal obligations.

Copyrights and Trademarks

The entire content of this website is copyrighted. Bystronic Laser AG reserves all rights with regard to copyrights and trademarks, regardless of whether the information or names are protected by a ©, ®, or ™ symbol. Names and logos found on Bystronic Group websites and that are registered trademarks or companies are protected.

Limitation of Liability

Bystronic Laser AG—Bystronic Group headquarters—assumes no liability for the correctness, completeness, and accuracy of the information published on their website. All statements not referring to historic facts are speculative. They are subject to uncertainty and risk and are beyond the control of the company. Technical changes to the depicted products are reserved. 

Although Bystronic Group exercises great care to ensure that the content of the website is correct at the time it goes public, all liability regarding the correctness and/or completeness of the information is excluded. Content and information can be changed at anytime and without notice.

Bystronic Laser AG limitlessly excludes any liability for losses or damages of any kind—whether direct, indirect, or consequential—resulting from the use of this website, in particular, those due to incorrect or outdated or speculative information.

Insofar as this website is referenced on internet pages operated by third parties, Bystronic Laser AG does not assume any responsibility for content.

Applicable Law and Legal Venue

Applicable law is Swiss law, under exclusion of the conflict rules from the Swiss Private International Law Act. Sole legal venue is Niederönz, Switzerland.

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